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Traditional Healthcare

We supported a project run jointly by Traditional Healthcare and One Health Organisation to develop a fully sustainable traditional healthcare compound in the poorest part of India by donating $10,000 for the roofing materials. We also donated many seedlings for anti-malaria herbs to be planted in the herb gardens! For more info about the project, click here.


Traditional Healthcare is an Australian based not-for-profit charitable organisation committed to the development of sustainable healthcare facilities for underprivileged communities.
They believe that sustainable healthcare facilities can be achieved by incorporating:
  • Cost effective holistic and traditional medicines and therapies
  • Sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and principles of permaculture
  • Community involvement and education
  • These principles guide us to build facilities that are can be maintained by the community, who will take over the operation, community education, and growth of each clinic once complete.
With a blueprint at their disposal, this knowledge can be spread within the wider community. This removes any dependence on outsiders and affects truly substantial and long-standing change.

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