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Sun Opener

Botanical name:

Heimia Salicifolia

Other names

Sinicuichi, Elixir of the Sun, Shrubby YellowCrest

Ritual and cultural uses:

This plant was called Sinicuichi (or Sun Opener) by the Aztecs and is still used by Mexican shamans as a trance divination catalyst.
They regard it as a sacred herb, endowed with supernatural powers, enabling vivid recall of past distant events.
A yellowing of the vision and altered acoustic perception. Experiments by several contemporary researchers have so far yielded
mixed results and its actual psychoactivity is still not confirmed. It does however appear to induce auditory rather than visual hallucinations.
Ray’s rave:
"Culturally, the leaves (slightly wilted) are crushed in water and the juice is set in the sun for a day to ferment. The resulting drink is
mildly intoxicating and may cause effects ranging from slight giddiness, to drowsy euphoria, a darkening of the surroundings, a shrinking of the
world around you, altered time and space perception, forgetfulness and even auditory hallucinations. Sounds may also seem to be distorted, as if from a great distance, and past memory function may be enhanced. Very interesting!"
Medicinal uses:
The aerial parts of Heimia salicifolia are reported to be antisyphilitic, diuretic, laxative, sweat promoting and useful in afterbirth baths and in enhancing wound healing.

For lots more information on this herb regarding uses and effects please visit the Erowid site:


Precautions / Contraindications

No hangover or serious side effects are known; except that with over-indulgence you may notice a golden yellow tinge to your vision the following day. Constant to excessive use may eventually hamper short-term memory.


Happy High Herbs by Ray Thorpe 7th ed

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