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Pfaffia paniculata | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Botanical name:

Pfaffia paniculata

Other names

Brazilian Ginseng
Suma, also known as Brazilian ginseng, is a South American root known by the Amazon Indians as ‘para todo’ – meaning ‘for everything’. Its uses over the last 300 years have ranged from aphrodisiac to calming agent, tonic and ulcer treatment.
While not related to panax ginseng in any way, it is called Brazilian ginseng due to its adaptogenic quality. Adaptogens are a diverse group of herbs that help the body adapt to a wide range of internal and external stress factors, including sickness, lack of sleep and overworking, while enhancing physical and mental performance, endurance and overall vitality.
Suma stimulates the immune response and can assist healing and recovery from chronic illness, including cancer and diabetes. Suma is a healthier way to stimulate, providing energy without taxing the adrenal glands.
Ray’s rave:
"We love Suma's exuberant and buzzy energy, and prefer this so-called ginseng over all the others. You can feel its vital energy, so much so that we always include it in our energy drinks at home for stamina and ongoing vitality. Enjoy a level teaspoon of Suma powder for work and a heaped teaspoon to party! Suma is ideal for dancers and sports people due to its anti-spasmodic effect and ability to overcome hangovers. 
It has been called a cellular regenerator. Unfortunately Suma is not always available in Australia owing to over-harvesting by foreign ginseng and pharmaceutical corporations."
Use 3-6 grams simmered for 10 minutes, or add to smoothies, 1-3 x daily.
Energy tonic, adaptogen, demulcent, nutrient


Michael Tierra (1998), The Way of Herbs, p198
Medicine Garden Australia (1998), Legendary Power of the South American Jungles.

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Submitted by Dianne Rowe (not verified) on

Ive heard that Suma Powder is very good for helping with sleep problems and stress.

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