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Social Enterprise

What’s a Social Enterprise?

It is a new kind of business that is not only about profit and the bottom dollar. It is a kind of business that understands that we are custodians of our planet, our children, our communities, and seeks to give back to the world as much as it gets.

The Happy Herb Company is completely dedicated to being a shining example of a Social Enterprise. 10% of the Company’s turnover (yes, turnover, not profit) is set aside for community projects and good causes!

Here are just some of the ways we are making a difference with that cash:

  •  We are partnered with One Health Organisation, Australia’s premier holistic health NGO, and are one of their main supporters, providing hours of time each week, over $10,000 per year to their running costs, and through them, $30,000 of grants to amazing community health projects.

    Click here to read an interview on HHC's social enterprise strategy with our operations manager, Stephanie Barlow. 

  • We have assisted a number of local writers get their great books on healing, consciousness and plants published by providing completely interest-free loans to print their books.

  • We supported a project run jointly by Traditional Healthcare and One Health Organisation to develop a fully sustainable traditional healthcare compound in the poorest part of India by donating $10,000 for the roofing materials. We also donated many seedlings for anti-malaria herbs to be planted in the herb gardens! For more info about the project, click here.

  • The Happy Herb Company was the major sponsor of EGA 2011: Australia’s major conference on entheogens, ethnobotany and psychoactive plants.

  • We were a major sponsor of Earth Frequency Festival 2012 which is an amazing community gathering fostering local art, music and lifestyle. 

  • We support MAPS: the Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, who recently managed to get trials approved in the US and the UK on the use of MDMA for war veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (with unsurprisingly amazing results)

  • We monitor the national bodies that legislate and regulate plants, medicines and mind-altering substances closely. If we don’t like what they are suggesting, we are always very active in researching the issue, writing submissions, and advertising the proposed change through our networks. For example, when the federal government tried to make 1000s of plant species illegal (including all the native acacias), 8000 email submissions to the Attorney General were sent through our website. This resulted in the proposed law being dropped.

  • We provided communications equipment for activists at St. James Price Point in the Kimberley who are trying to save this area of incredible natural beauty from being turned into a gas refinery. Read more here.



Thank you from Traditional Healthcare Datam

Thank-you from the villagers of Datam, the location of TH’s sustainable medicine clinic.



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