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Rubus idaeus | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Botanical name:

Rubus idaeus

Present day herbalists value the astringent action of this wonderful plant and often recommend it during the final trimester of pregnancy, to prepare the womb for birthing.

The rich content of the alkaloid fragarine serves to toneand relax the pelvic and uterine muscles and serves to stimulate them, thusregulating the uterus’ action and preparing it for birth. It is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals and is particularly high in calcium, iron,phosphorus, potassium and vitamins B, C and E.

Raspberry is known to ease the pain of childbirth, aid inmilk production,  and according to manymothers’ experiences, significantly shortens the time of labour.

Dr Shook in ‘Advanced Treatise on Herbology’ saysevery woman who desires to retain youth; health and strength in the genetaliashould drink raspberry tea at least once a week. It is also fabulous for thosewoman who struggle with excessive menstruation.

Besides being a great pregnancy herb, it really is an all-purpose herb with many other applications in herbal medicine. It can be aneffective treatment in ulcers, diahorrea, colds and flu, inflammation of theeyes and cleansing wounds.

Both cultivated and wild raspberry leaves are used. Rubusidaeus, the cultivated variety, is available in all Happy Herb Shops, and from our online shop. The herb has nocontraindications and is considered a safe and effective herb in all of the above situations. There is some concern in its use during the first trimesterof pregnancy, so should be avoided just in case.

Precautions / Contraindications

Do not use in first trimester of pregnancy

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