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Promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use, and availability of all natural plants and herbs.
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Nimbin Happy High Herbs

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58a Cullen St
Nimbin, NSW 2480
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Opening Hours: 

Nimbin Times:

10.30am until 5.30pm

(open later on weekends)

Established in 1998 Nimbin was the first shop of the Happy Herb Company phenomenon. As the original shop Nimbin decided to retain it's original name: Happy High Herbs Nimbin. After all, happy is who we are, highs is what we do and herbs are our way of life here in Nimbin.

The shop is located right in the heart of Nimbin, at 58a Cullen Street. We stock a huge selection of the finest certified organic teas, locally grown plants, rare and unusual herbs from around the world, alternative smoking herbs, superfoods, tonics, aphrodisiacs plus lotions and potions for all sorts of fun and relaxation. We also stock books, CD's, teapots, gifts and local crafts. 

On the first weekend in May, to coincide with the worldwide May Day Cannabis Rallies, Nimbin celebrates the annual harvest festival MARDIGRASS http://www.nimbinmardigrass.com/. Happy High Herbs Nimbin sponsors the "End Pot Prohibition: Art Awards" as part of the Nimbin Mardigrass festival. We are proud to support local artists and activists within the diverse and dynamic community of Nimbin. Many of our artworks, crafts and giftware are happily produced within the village.

Come along and meet our passionate staff.. always happy to blow your mind!


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Submitted by ian (not verified) on

I visited your store last Friday, not knowing what to expect nor having any experience in happy high herbs, I must say the young lady that served me was able to allay any fears that I had, was able to advise me fully and I would like to say was extremely helpful to me, as some one that was as green as grass (no pun intended).

I only wished I had sought here advice on choosing a smoking pipe for beginners, instead of just buying that I thought would do the job nicely.

I would recommend any of my older friends to visit this store if they are going to Nimbin.

I will have to try and locate a store closer to home, as the 3 hour drive is not something my back can tolerate very often.

Once again to the young lady (they are all young when you are 53) serving on Friday afternoon thank for making my visit to your store such a calm and pleasant experience.


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