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Holi Smokes - vaping kits

Available in Australia only from Happy Herb Shops - HOLI SMOKES is The Original Organic Vaping Tonic™ 

Does not involve any smoking and contains no nicotine or other addictive ingredients!

Enjoyable for smokers and non-smokers alike.  

We offer the most sophisticated brand of vaping products on the market today. Every Vaping Tonic™ is comprised of scientifically tested and formulated organic flavors, technically called 'terpenoids.' Using proprietary methods, these flavors are processed with 100% certified organic vegetable glycerin. Our vaping liquids have no nicotine, synthetics, cannabis or drugs.

Holi Smokes - vaping kits

Our fragrant, flavorful Tonics are made to be dripped into a tank, cartridge or drip tip of a personal vaporizer. Our herbal flavors are certified organic, FDA approved and taste truly amazing. We offer Starter Kits which include a long lasting, rechargeable vaping pen and made-to-spec, top quality food-grade cartridge system with powerful atomizer.

Our specialty is in applying the science of aromatic terpenoids to the breakthrough technology of personal vaporizers. We've combined this with expertise in traditional botanical knowledge and yogic uses of concentrated aromas. HOLI SMOKES is the most effective and affordable method of delivering the world's most important, traditional and proven aromatic flavors to our conscious senses.



Vaporization is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory effects that are associated with smoke from plant combustion. These days, a vaporizer is no longer a big floor steamer with 'Vicks' in it. A PV or Personal Vaporizer (invented in recent years) not only replaces cigarettes, but can also deliver 'concentrated aromatics'.

It's like Aromatherapy taken to new heights!

A PV can be a small, cigarette looking device or a larger 'pen' such as the one below:

The bottom section is a rechargable, long lasting lithium battery. The top section is a vaporizer composed of a removable tip, a tank that is filled using an eyedropper, and an internal wick that draws the liquid to a vaporizing coil. The battery heats the coil to the perfect temperature that vaporizes vegetable glycerin and its included organic flavorings (scientifically called terpenoids).



HOLI SMOKES is a very pleasant and aromatic way to enjoy those unique sensations you loved while smoking tobacco and other herbs. Tobacco companies mix hundreds of additives to the basic herb. Let's just say a HOLI SMOKE is a purely elevated experience, yet contains no form of cannabis, drugs or synthetics of any kind.

Tobacco and plant smoke in general has been proven to be hazardous to our respiratory systems. This is largely because of plant combustion, an effect that exists separate from the organic aromas and flavors of plants.

When 'e-liquid' or actual Organic Vaping Tonic™) is heated to the right temperature, it evaporates without combustion.



Our Organic Vaping Tonics™ contain 0% nicotine and do not involve combustion or smoke - only water vapor is formed when our vegetable glycerin is vaporized. Yet they offer a uniquely pleasurable and purely organic feeling of enjoyment. 

Holi Smokes - organic tonics


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