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Withania somnifera | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Ayurvedic all-round strengthening tonic. Ashwagandha is particularly high in iron. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for tired or overworked bodies, and is particularly useful for low sex drive in women.

Vaccinium myrtillus | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Strengthens blood vessels, great for weight-loss, and may help to fight cancer

Does your brain need a little boost? This herb is good for memory and cognition, as well as blood circulation.

Arctium lappa | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

The ultimate detoxer!

Cacao is derived from Theobroma Cacao beans, which literally means "Food of the Gods". Cacao contains over 300 compounds including: protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium helps to build strong bones and is a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of calmness.

Calea zacatechichi | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

This plant can induce lucid dreaming, and is said to be useful in finding lost objects

Californian Poppy is a safe and non-addictive plant that makes a calming tea and satisfying smoke with a gentle, relaxing effect.

Rainforest plant for health and immunity. Now used as a complementary treatment for cancer.

Nepeta cataria | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Catnip was drunk by the early Europeans for cramps, aches, fevers and fits, while the Chinese used it for chest complaints and believed that it attracted good spirits. Gently relaxing, catnip is also a potentiator - increasing the effects of other herbs that it is used with.

A nurturing nerve tonic, Chamomile soothes stress and aids against insomnia.

This Mediterranean herb is fantastic for women going through menopause. Also recommended for PMS and cyclical breast pain. Chaste tree berries are a tonic for the human reproductive system and are famous as a libido-suppressant or anaphrodisiac.

Zea mays | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

The answer to U.T.I. (Urinary Tract Infection), aka: 'Honeymooners disease' or cystitis.

Turnera aphrodisiaca | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Our favourite herb! Damiana is a kidney tonic, anti-depressant and extremely effective aphrodisiac for women. Boosts mood and lowers stress.

Inula helenium| herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Cough lozenge in a plant! Elecampane is a powerful lung herb, with a long tradition of European use. Great for chest and throat infections, and for its expectorant action.

Brain tonic and memory support, Ginko Biloba is great for all kinds of degenerative brain disease as well as improving circulation.

Gotu Kola is a rejuvenative nervine recommended for nervous disorders. As a brain tonic, it is said to aid intelligence and memory. It strengthens the adrenal glands and cleanses the blood to treat skin impurities. It is said to combat stress and depression, increase libido and improve reflexes. It truly is a wonder herb!

Guarana info - Happy Herb Company

Safe stimulant for all jobs! Guarana is used up by the body more slowly than caffeine, making it last longert.

Crataegus oxyxantha | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

A herb for your heart! Hawthorn is truly a superstar when it comes to heart and the cardiovascular system. Hawthorn Berries have an age old European tradition of use to combat all kinds of heart problems, whilst also tonifing the veins, capillaries and arteries and lowering cholesterol.

Geranium robertanium | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

This precious herb is a supreme therapeutic herb. It is very unique in its ability to oxygenate the cells, which helps the body to fight disease and renew itself. Hence, Herb Robert works to increase the immune response and the body’s ability to regenerate. How good is that?!

Humulus lupulus | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

This close relative of cannabis is both a mellowing relaxant and a satisfying smoke. A great alleviator of nervous tension and indeed an all round nervine tonic, hops eases stress and tension. The flowers placed in a dream pillow will produce deep restful sleep, as well as relaxing the neck muscles!

Jatoba, is a toning and energising bark. It also finds use as an antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, expectorant, anti yeast and hepatoprotector (liver tonic).

This excellent herb supports the adrenals, reducing stress and exhaustion, and soothes digestive membranes in case of ulcers.

Lepidium meyenii | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Increase sexual and athletic stamina! This is a revered adaptogen and aphrodisiac from Peru.

Artemisia vulgaris | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Highly medicinal herb, good for soothing pain and enhancing dream vividness/recall, as well as being a great liver tonic and aid for menstrual problems

Ptychopetalum olacoides | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Muira Puama is one of the most active botanicals with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver and remedy for impotence & sexual insufficiency.

Verbascum thapsus | herb info from the Happy herb Company

Mullein has a long European tradition as a remedy of lung disorders, particularly useful to eliminate mucus. This makes it an excellent smoking admixture, minimising the harm of cannabis and tobacco.

Olive leaf extract is incredible for fighting colds, flus and infections of all kinds. Due to the oleuropein in its leaves, the olive tree can resist attacks from all sorts of bacteria and parasites to live for over 100 years!

Passiflora incarnata | herb info from the Happy Herb company

Contrary to its name, Passion Flower is a relaxant and nerve tonic which soothes the adrenal glands and also interacts with the nicotine receptors in the human brain, making it an excellent herb for assisting in combating nicotine cravings and withdrawal.

Rubus idaeus | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Highly recommended for the last trimester of pregnancy, raspberry leaf tea tones the uterus and eases discomfort associated with menstruation. It's a rich source of many trace elements, micro-nutrients and vitamins. Raspberry leaf is also a lovely smooth addition to any smoking mix.

Rhodiola rosea is a popular plant in traditional medical systems in Eastern Europe and Asia with a reputation for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression, enhancing work performance and eliminating fatigue.

Aspalathus linearis | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Caffeine-free tea! Great any time of day, and contains antioxidants that are thought to slow the aging process.

Saint Mary's Thistle is one of the most effective liver herbs, aids in expelling liver toxins and boosts the production of new liver cells. It has also been used to treat depression, lower cholesterol, reduce the growth of certain types of cancer cells, and to increase breast milk production.

Serenoa repens | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

This one's for you boys! A tonic for the reproductive system, especially the prostate.

Ulmus rubra | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

The inner bark of the slippery elm tree has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries. Native Americans traditionally used slippery elm in healing salves and poultices for wounds, boils, ulcers, burns, and skin inflammation.

Spilanthes oleracea | herb information from the Happy Herb Company

This wonderful and useful plant is native to the tropics of Brazil. It is also known as toothache plant or paracress; an essential for the first aid kit and your purse to help freshen the breath before those random kisses you can have :)

An amazing leaf that is 1000 times sweeter than sugar! Just a pinch replaces a teaspoon of sugar, without any of the nasty side effects of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. What`s more, it actually tones the pancreas and balances blood sugar levels.

Pfaffia paniculata | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Need some stimulation, without the comedown?

A 'trance divination catalyst' from Central America

Tribulus Terrestris is a very old herb and the Indian and Chinese have been using it as a medicine from ancient times. The benefits do not stop at just being a complete health tonic but it also assists people who are looking for increasing their sexual aspiration and libido.

The root, once processed and dehydrated, is used as a medicinal herb with sedative, anxiolytic, and anti-insomnia effects in both tea and capsule form.

Salix alba | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Mother Nature's aspirin, but with less side-effects! Good against pain, fever, and inflammation.

Best herb for violent injury first aid - stops bleeding when applied to the wound. Also great for fevers, colds, and digestive complaints.

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