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Hands-On-Health Australia (HOHA) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing healthcare and education to marginalised communities. 

The work of Hands-On-Health began at the Sacred Heart Mission in St. Kilda (Melbourne) 24 years ago and has spread to clinics and training programs throughout Australia and the Asian-Pacific region. Last year, over 30,000 people were reached through the collective efforts of HOH volunteers.


HHC grant for myotherapy training in East Timor

Hands on Health Sustainable Training, Treatment Employment Program


The mission of Hands on Health is to promote health and well‐being through a spirit of welcome and mutual respect and the provision of inter-disciplinary and inclusive health care.

Hands on Health works nationally and internationally to advance its mission by enabling the STTEP (Sustainable, Training, Treatment Employment Program). The STTEP is a framework that allows Hands on Health to deliver “high impact, low tech” myotherapy treatment and training to communities marginalised by poverty, location or other circumstances. One STTEP initiative is taking place in Timor‐Leste.

In November 2012 a team of four Hands on Health volunteers travelled to Timor Leste to promote the STTEP prior to delivering a pilot training program in myotherapy in 2013.

The team consisted of a chiropractor, myotherapist, translator and interpreter and the Hands on Health International Project Director. They carried with them three portable treatment tables - part of the generous donation of the Happy Herb Company and One Health Organisation to Hands on Health.

During their brief visit to Timor-Leste, the practitioners delivered over 50 myotherapy treatments with half of these receiving follow up visits. Treatments were provided to communities outside of the capital Dili and in the more remote areas of Timor-Leste where health provision is severely limited. The response to this demonstration visit has been very positive with a pilot training program now scheduled for March 2013. We expect that between 10-15 community health workers will enrol for the pilot training program.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Happy Herb Company and One Health Organisation to making this demonstration visit to Timor-Leste a success.



Donation to Rosebud Clinic in Victoria

December 13th 2012

Dear "One Health Organisation",

Thank you for our two excellent massage tables. At our HOH clinic in Rosebud, Victoria, our volunteer reflexologist and masseur use these tables every Thursday, the day we are open.


Warm regards,

Wendy Marton:


HOH tableHOH table


Aboriginal Health in Aboriginal Hands

Sharing, Healing, Transforming Lives


HOHA Uncle Paul Gordon



Uncle Paul Gordon is a Ngemba Elder and long-­‐standing supporter of Hands On Health Australia (HOHA). 

The AHAH program will be launched at Wollombi and a portable treatment table has been kindly donated by One Health Organisation and the Happy Herb Company to help initiate the clinic in early 2013.

Aboriginal Health in Aboriginal Hands (AHAH) is an initiative of Hands on Health Australia. In collaboration with HOHA, Uncle Paul hopes to establish an AHAH program in Wollombi, NSW which is an ancientc eremonial and meeting ground for many Aboriginal communities. This program will blend traditional indigenous approaches to healing with other hands­-on therapies in a place where like-hearted people can sit in circle, learn from each other, and become immersed in the rich cultural heritage of the Wollombi community.




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