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Forthcoming Elections

Forthcoming Elections
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 16:00

Well it's now official !!!
Two of us in the Happy Herb crew are standing for the HEMP party !
So congratulations to BJ who is standing for the senate in New South Wales and I have volunteered to stand for the Senate in South Australia!
We all appreciate BJs passion for THE HERB and it's benefits to society
My passion is primarily for ALL herbs as you may be aware by now
I would rather stand for the HERB party, but there isn't one and I really don't believe the Drug Law Reform Party will organise properly in time, and the Sex party still has the wrong name (Although we all share the same platform)!

I entered politics once before for the EARTH FIRST party and found it to be a very corrupt and a tainted industry full of liars, turncoats AND egotistical two faced power trippers. (witness current events in parliament!)
Nevertheless personally I am outraged that the most nutritious plant on the planet is forbidden (only in Australia), and entered my name mainly because I want to see nutritious hemp food freely available as well as hemp products and medicinal cannabis, and lets face it, the controversy over synthetics has been brought about by bad laws in the first place
Karma baby!
Who has the right to forbid natural plants!! If any are dangerous (in fact relatively few are), instead of prohibition which creates far more problems, why not allow them to be prescribed as pharmaceuticals are !!

Please vote for us

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Submitted by Shaun merletto (not verified) on

Just letting you know I support everything you do and you have my vote for the hemp party

Submitted by Eva (not verified) on

Dear Ray
So glad I was told about your happy herb store and was amazed to read about your extensive interest and active involvement in many issues relating to humanity's right to accessing the fruits of its home, Earth. Integrity, honesty and valour are much needed virtues in the collective consciousness and We are blessed to have a trailblazer such as yourself pave the way for other like hearted souls :) Thank you and I give you my support and vote.

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