Fake LSD Warning
Fake LSD Warning

In line with our policy of harm-reduction we are providing this link to the Anex website&;s warning on a dangerous new synthetic drug which has led to a number of overdoses.

To learn more about this drug visit this link: http://www.anex.org.au/fake-lsd/ 

Established in 1995, Anex is an independent, not-for-profit health organisation based in Melbourne which is dedicated to reducing the harms associated with drug use, including, injecting drug use, alcohol misuse, and pharmaceutical substance misuse. Anex upholds the Australian government’s commitment to harm reduction as an essential element of its harm minimisation strategy on drugs. Anex does not condone drug use but works to protect people from drug-related harm when at their most vulnerable. 


Also, an ecstasy batch containing the deadly chemical NBOMe has prompted the second police warning in as many days. The batch of grey or black MTV pills was found by Eastern Adelaide police earlier this month: 

This emphasises the need for regulation to ensure consistency and safety of drugs and to prevent unnecessary drug-related harm. Prohibition means there is zero regulation of the substances used by a large segment of the population.



Established 1996.

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