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Draconian new laws likely to cause harm

Draconian new laws likely to cause harm
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 11:26


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24th April 2013


A legal amendment passed last week by Queensland's parliament which bans anything that is “intended to have the same pharmacological effect as a scheduled drug” is likely to result in increased harm due to the potential criminalisation of safe alternatives and addiction interrupters, says the owner of one of Australia's biggest chains of herbal supply shops.

Founder and director of the Happy Herb Company Ray Thorpe warned that the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2012 could result in a rise in the use of harmful addictive drugs as users turn to the black market. “This goes against the principle of harm reduction – if you're against harm reduction then you're for drug-induced harm and suffering! Rather than just banning things automatically we should follow the New Zealand model, where synthetic social tonics are regulated on grounds of public health. Because it's obvious that prohibition benefits criminals more than anybody else. ”

"These hastily composed new laws are also so vaguely worded as to be unworkable - nobody knows how they're going to be interpreted. Even the Queensland Law Society have said that the terms used in the Bill have no agreed scientific meaning, and these new amendments could expose widespread lawful activity to potential criminal sanctions. If even chemists and lawyers can't tell what's legal, then how is an ordinary citizen supposed to know how to stay within the law?"

Thorpe also pointed out that many household substances could technically be deemed illegal under the new ban; alcohol, chocolate, cheese, saffron, and numerous common herbs all contain molecules with pharmacological effects similar to banned drugs.

He also noted the fact that the prohibition of cannabis and other relatively benign recreational drugs is what has led to the development of a myriad of relatively unknown synthetic compounds.


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Submitted by KAT (not verified) on

I swear that Qld and the other states are going back instead of forward...GROW UP in all cents on the word grow.....Keep on the with fight..Hugs to both you and Liz

Submitted by Renee (not verified) on

Knowledge is power and power needs to go back to the people. Australians need to know so we can stand and fight together- our only chance is sharing the knowledge of the truth of these herbs and the idiotic selfish and corrupt decisions the government is making on our behalf!
We will get there, I'm doing all I can and its all because of you Ray and your happy high herbs book.
RAY-can you get it set up in PDF e-book style and make it free?? So everyone has easy access to this info cos the faster people have access the faster the truth and knowledge can be spread, and the faster Australian people take back the power and control of our medicinal plant's accessability and kick the government to the curb.
Your book is factual and enlightening and the law knowledge you add in is just as eye opening! Infuriating and inspiring at the same time.
Please do it xxxx

Ray's picture
Submitted by Ray on

Hi Renee

Thank you for your wonderful comments and your great idea of my book into PDF email format on the website. I would like to make it free but nobody would read it so we're going to make it available for five dollars, with all contributions going to the good cause of THE DRUG LAW REFORM PARTY.

All the best, thanks,

Click here to download the book

Submitted by Jaycee (not verified) on

We need to set up a petition on this, sooner rather than later. Love the alcohol comment! Something like the highest amount of casualty emergencies are people who accidentally overdose on panadol. If it ever looks like eventuating, much as I love and use your products and will continue to do so, need to distribute seed for people to grow their own herbs for remedies. Something they have been doing practically for all time. What about all the chemicals people ingest daily in the modern supermarket diet. Bloody Big Pharma again!!!

Submitted by Rosemary (not verified) on

This really sucks as I have started to use the herbs & its help me to reduce most of the medications like anti-depressants where I use to take quite tablets but the herbs seem to have a better affect & which means less drugs medication to a healthier way of herbs

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