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Turnera aphrodisiaca | herb info from the Happy Herb Company

Botanical name:

Turnera diffusa

Other names

Turnera aphrodisiaca

Ritual and Cultural Use:

Damiana, our most favourite herb, was used by the Aztecs for impotency and Mexican women were also known to use the fragrant leaves in a tea to stimulate love making. The Damiana plant is so important that it hasbeen classified in Mexico as a “national treasure” and now a prohibited export as a live plant.


Damiana affects the psyche, producing a mild emotional uplift that can last for up to one and a half hours. Some damiana before bed relaxes one for love-making and promotes pleasant dreams (quite possibly erotic within the first seven days)! Three-dimensional effects and colour appreciation may also heightened.

Ray’s Rave:

Many people have reported that damiana has changed their lives - for not only is it an aphrodisiac tea, it is also a proven natural anti-depressant and a calming tonic. It is also useful in weaning smokers off tobacco or other plants.

Damiana as a tea is a tonic for the kidneys, the sexual organs and the nervous system. It is excellent at balancing the hormones and the emotions. The effect of this tea is definitely more noticeable when one is feeling down, out of sorts, grumpy, angry or upset, giving one an immediate and natural feeling of well-being. Many have used damiana to alleviate depression. 

Many women have noticed that symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) as well as menopause, disappear with regular use of damiana (i.e. two or three cups per week).

For those wishing to experiment with the aphrodisiac side of Damiana,try drinking 2 cups of strong Damiana tea (one tablespoon/cup sweetened with honey) each day for a maximum of 2 weeks. One 69 year old man wrote that he enjoyed love making three times each night with his much younger lover and that the drinking of this tea ‘made him more attractive to the ladies’.

One teaspoon of Damiana herb in a pot of hot water makes quite a fragrant, pleasant-tasting tea that everyone will enjoy. The drinking of Damiana tea easily replaces alcohol for social occasions and many have reported that they desire less alcohol after drinking Damiana. All in all, used appropriately as a pleasant tea or as a smoking medium for an alternative high, Damiana is one of the most versatile, safe and effective herbs for general well being, health and enjoyment.

Medicinal Use:




Brain tonic


DEPRESSION (emotions)














Lower back pain

Male and female hormonal system

Menstrual acne


Mild laxative





PROSTATE (especially combined with Saw Palmetto)






Withdrawal from alcohol, cannabis and/or tobacco

Precautions / Contraindications

Damiana may increase fertility and libido in men and women. Make sureyour family planning is up to scratch! Excessive use over a long periodmay interfere with iron absorption. However this is just one theory andhas never been proven. Nonetheless, it is best used only two or threetimes a week or when required.


This is a modified excerpt from Ray Thorpe's book: Happy High Herbs.

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Submitted by kara emily (not verified) on

I am currently taking the demi - lust at the moment , and am sure this is a potent solution of the herb, i purchased this at cairns happy high herb whilst extremely depressed, i am not sure what my mental state would have deterierated into if i did not start taking this i now live by it and my eating habbits have changed i crave healthy foods i made major life changes that i dont think i would be able to make if i were weaker when i take the demi lust i dont like to smoke , today i neglected to take it bought a paket of ciggaretts and ate wrong i felt so horrible tonight i have taken it feel totally calm and ready for tomorrow in a posetive sense i am looking for somewhere in the central coast to purchase some so that i do not run out and backslide just knowing happy high herb was in cairns gave me a sense of releif thankyou so mutch guys you changed my life and good luck with the baby oo

Submitted by leigh (not verified) on

I made a damiana tincture to help with my depression. Not only did it help with my unhappiness but it also stopped me smoking and made me enthusiastic about exploring my sexuality with confidence. It is also great for men with pre mature ejaculation problems and helps ween the body off alcahol addiction. One of the best herbs thanks mother nature!

Submitted by Trippy_Slippy (not verified) on

An awesomely calming smoke and also nice for cooking. Adding some damiana to your chicken crumbing or anywhere else you desire. Quite tasty :)

Submitted by Luffy (not verified) on

This tea tastes great and also helps me with some anger issues. Definitely worth a try.

Submitted by Diane (not verified) on

I bought some yesterday and had 2 cups of tea last night. I feel so different about the overwhelming problems in my life, think I will use this on a regular basis. Haven't felt this good in ages.

Submitted by Lisa Leslie (not verified) on

I have been drinking this lovely damiana tea all week as a part of my kidney cleanse and to my surprise as well as cleansing my kidneys, I have been having the most delightful erotic dreams as well, which have been spilling over into the waking hours. My partner and I are delighted.

Submitted by Tommy (not verified) on

I smoke a bit from time to time. Its not very strong or anything but if you just want to smoke something mild and chill a bit its really good, especially if you're giving up canabis as I so often have to.

Submitted by Anna (not verified) on

I turned to natural herbs - "Happy High Herbs" in fact; due to my adverse reactions to some prescriptive medicines. This including all anti-depressants and any hormonal medication...

I came about "Happy High Herbs", believe it or not, while going to "SEXPO" with my Mum, in the Brisbane Convention Centre, where I had thought that The "Happy High Herb" book was a free, give away book to help people know about the shop...

By the time I walked off in the distance, my Mum who I took in a wheelchair that year, commented that there was a price above it. So I took it back in honesty to ease my conscious and sense of morality and humanity. I didn't know that the nice guy I had apologised and gave it back to, was RAY himself of "Happy High Herbs". He then seemed happily surprised and thanked me, then gave the book to me for free...

Thankyou Ray, this has always been a wonderful karmic memory for me and will be eternally, you've helped me and many others way more than anyone could begin to imagine...

Damiana has helped me incredibly and it's about time I wrote my comment here, as I intended to early last year 2010 or end of 2009, for it may help others that are in need...

Since the year 2000 I had accumulating ill health, and not until 2002 or 2003 did it start to show up in blood tests. Even one Doctor said it was all in my head and laughed at me, insensitively. Not to worry, he had three strikes with me and he was definitely out, good person, meant well, but insensitive and crass, to say the least...

Anyways, back to the ranch, it started to show in blood tests as really high ESR levels - (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) a nonspecific indicator of inflammation...

I have a long line of illnesses that have accumulated, but getting those ESR levels down was important, for the only thing they could relate it to more so has been CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome...

That being said, I found that at first I was taking Damiana, Kalea and Mugwort. Damiana morning and night. Kalea and Mugwort night only. Then after approximately somewhere between 6 months to 1 year, I only took Damiana morning and night, due to the risk involved with possibly falling pregnant and the other two herbs...

For the very first time, my ESR levels had started to show as "normal". I am a walking testament to how something natural has worked, where nothing else would. I still believe though that the other two herbs did assist in my "Wholistic" healing, to help the damiana to work more effectively in my system...

I personally have found chewing the Damiana (with organic honey for taste - but also for it's healing properties - going hand in hand) worked more effectively for me (regarding the absorption of it), than the powdered version. It's known that when chewing a herb, the salivary glands help the digestive system to readily absorb, apart from that it worked almost close to instantly - timewise...

So, now to finalise this comment, somewhat long, ha-ha-ha...

The illnesses it has helped with have been
* CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
* PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoria disorder).
* PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).
* Oligomenorrhea (abnormally infrequent menstruation
* Depression (major depression).
* Anxiety (panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder and phobia).

At this time that's all I can remember, but the last ten years were a huge milestone for learning lessons in my life, and I got through it all to now a way better 2011, with better coping strategies and much better health...

Submitted by Cystitis Suffer... (not verified) on

I suffer from Very frequent cystitis and have suffered horribly. I tried damiana herb after the local store owner said it was great for your unrinary system and it cures any symptoms I have in less than 24 hours! I know this sounds like a hoax, but whenever I feel a bout of pain and burning and frequency of peeing, I make myself a cup of damiana herb tea, and by the time I have 2-4 cups, I am peeing freely that same day.

It is not a cure, but it does relieve symptoms completely, and just have a cup every day (or every second day!) and you're pain free for the longest time. And you don't need the bathroom as often!

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on

This is a really nice medicinal tea. The flavour is light and palatable with a slight hint of apple in my opinion. It is not at all bitter and mixes nicely with other herbs. It is also smooth to smoke and not at all harsh although largely ineffective as a 'natural high'. I have found it to be a good nerve tonic, reducing aching in my legs and back without any expectations. It is also relaxing and calming at the end of the day and can help aid 'winding down'. An unexpectedly effective and useful tea. Thanks to HHH for putting me onto it!

Submitted by jay (not verified) on

Love this stuff. Justcalms andand uplifts my mood

Submitted by khalid Suleria (not verified) on

An Excellent info. it helps in reducing blood sugar, this info is highly useful to many suffering from any od these disease. Highly appreciating the mataerial provided
God Bless you

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