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Botanical name:

Bacopa monnieri

Are you starting to forget where you put your car keys … your glasses … your wallet – every, single, day? Have you taken on too many subjects at university, and can’t possibly imagine how you’ll fit any more information into your brain? Have you taken on a new business, and wonder how you’re going to learn everything to make it work? Then brahmi is probably the next herb for you to chat to us about at your local Happy Herb Shop.

Brahmi has been used for more than 3000 years in traditional Indian medicine and is recognised the world over as a brain tonic, to promote intellect and comprehension, rejuvenate the brain and boost the memory. The Happy Herb Company’s founder, Ray Thorpe, describes it as a ‘miracle herb’: “I started using brahmi when I started my first Happy High Herb shop in Nimbin in 1996, and it allowed me not only take over the store successfully, but to learn all the accounting aspects of the business and to help several other stores with the running of their businesses. Brahmi helps compartmentalise information in the brain and provide clarity – and once you feel organised and on top of things, the stress just falls away as a wonderful side benefit.”

Brahmi is also extremely effective on blood circulation and for cleansing the blood – hence having positive effects on the function of the liver, lungs and kidneys. It has also been used to treat many other conditions, from bronchitis to arthritis, hair loss to threadworms, fevers to impotence.

The plant itself is a hardy ground covering plant with oval-shaped leaves and white, five-petalled leaves that show a faint tinge of blue on the edges. The flowers can bloom for many months, and the plant grows floating in tropical marshes in wetlands of India, Central America and Florida in the US.

Dosage: 3-4 grams per day. Use 2 grams (1 teaspoon) per serve – brew in a pot of boiled water for ten minutes, strain and pour. Add sweetener as needed. Blends well with ginkgo and gotu kola.

* Alzheimer’s disease; * Attention deficit disorder (ADD); * Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); * Memory problems; * Parkinson’s disease; * Anxiety disorder; * Stress; * Depression including post natal depression; * Mental and physical fatigue; * Insomnia; * Irritable Bowel Syndrome; * To increase sex drive; * Impotence; * Bronchitis; * Coughs and hoarseness; * Asthma; * Arthritis; * Rheumatism; * Inflammatory conditions; * High cholesterol levels


Isabell Shipard, How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life, 2007, p.50-51

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