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Promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use, and availability of all natural plants and herbs.
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About Us

Happy Herbs is a unique and dynamic company that believes in an ethical approach to business. Ray Thorpe, the founder, believes in a ‘not-only-for-profit’ spirit, where 10% of the company’s turnover is dedicated to health-based community projects, activism for plant freedom and drug law reform, and herbal education.

The company’s mission statement is:

"Promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use, and availability of all Natural plants and herbs."

which sums up our priorities of herbal education and addiction solutions.

This mission evolved over a number of years, as Ray realised that knowledge and information about medicinal herbs, entheogens, and psychoactive herbs was not only rare, but actively suppressed by the powerful pharmaceutical lobby.


Ray Thorpe of the Happy Herb Company


Our Journey

How did the Happy Herb Company Start?

The Happy Herb Company was born from an inspiration when Ray Thorpe, the founder and director of the Happy Herb Company, realised that herbs can have both medicinal and pleasant effects on the human body. Through research and experimentation, Ray discovered that herbs can offer a safer, healthier and more effective alternative to the known recreational and medicinal drugs on the market, both legal and illegal.

Despite wanting to share the joys of herbs with the public, he soon realised that one is not allowed to make claims about herbs and their healing properties. In a quest to promote the appreciation and education of natural plants and herbs, Ray started a small market stall at the monthly market in Nimbin, a tiny town in northern New South Wales.

From this humble beginning, we have grown to a large family of over 50 Happy Herb Shops around Australia and the USA, and we continue to strive towards our goal of knowledge of and freedom to access all natural plants and herbs.


What our shops provide

Our shops are very different from other herbal or health-food shops. At the Happy Herb Company we promote herbs that bring happiness, bring wellness, increase horniness and bring contentment. As well as supplying a myriad of amazing herbs that are often hard to find, we do it in a friendly, fun, happy, colourful way!

Our team of herbies is an eclectic mix of herbalists, natural therapists, circus freaks, business people and plant nerds who are connected by their love of plants and people. Our shops offer unique products that are not easy to find in other ‘similar’ stores. This product range includes herbs for health, horniness, and happiness. We also stock plants for ritual use, incense, fire sticks, natural health products such as ear candles, natural skin care, and safe, legal alternatives to recreational drugs. We promote and sell age-old herbal remedies, powerful health-boosting superfoods, and safe legal alternatives to recreational drugs.

The herbs we promote are happy healing herbs. None of our herbs or party alternatives are harmful or addictive (ie: habit-forming), and have no awful side effects, come-downs or hangovers (unlike some popular legal and illegal drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol, Prozac etc). The Happy Herb Shops have a unique and distinct range of goods that are not duplicated in anywhere else. We promote the use of natural herbs and products, and serve to re-educate the public about the important role that herbs play in human health and well-being.

Ray Thorpe of the Happy Herb Company



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